DEREX is more than an IT service company. We are global transformers, changing the world through our Information Technology, one enterprise at a time. Within our reach are over 350 SMEs, each carrying our mission to serve, strengthen and simplify businesses operations. Leveraging our broad industry expertise, and ambition to perform, Derex specializes in and desires to vertically align proven methodologies and technical expertise with business models worldwide.

Standing strong on our principles of strategy, service and teamwork has grown Derex from a mere vision to a trusted global services and solutions provider in the field of Information Technology. Offering the latest in IT software consulting and development services--ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises-- Derex remains on the cutting edge of client service and satisfaction. Our service scope is vast, offering complete IT solutions to meet your organizational requirements. Offering tremendous value through consulting, development, management, support, and products, we merge technology with each client’s architecture and infrastructure to providing solutions to meet the current need, while laying a solid foundation for future requirements.

At Derex, we work beyond the call of duty to remove the complexity from the technology integration process. Along with guaranteed expertise, we provide our clients the comfort in knowing that they are entrusting their organizational transformation to a credible company. A large part of the "Derex Experience" is assuring reliability and convenience to our clients. Therefore, we maintain a wide range of IT hardware and software products to support the IT transformation process. Covering computing, communications, networking, implementation, maintenance and support, we strive to provide unified, well-managed solutions.

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